The seed for this book was planted in the mind of Harvard psychiatrist turned Indian mystic, Ram Dass, and was written—with the blessings of his guru Neem. Be Here Now is a book on spirituality, yoga and meditation by the Western- born yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass. The title comes. Recently Released eBooks through Ram Dass. Miracle of Love, compiled by Ram Dass, is a marvelous collection of anecdotes and teaching stories from the devotees of Order Now: New Book Release from Ram Dass.

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Be Here Now PDF Summary by Ram Dass is a great spiritual masterpiece that still floods the top-selling lists. Reading this book will most. Many in the satsang were inspired to service in some shape or form. Ram Dass continued lecturing and teaching, published several more books, and worked to. Mar Best Free Books Be Here Now (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Ram Dass Read Online Full Free.

There was not enough human beauty, human fulfillment, human contentment.

I worked hard and the keys to the kingdom were handed to me. I was being promised all of it. And there was a slight panic in me that I was going to spend the next forty years not knowing, and that apparently that was par for the course. And in off hours, we played Go , or poker , and cracked old jokes. The whole thing was too empty. It was not honest enough. And there was some point as a professor at Stanford and Harvard when I experienced being caught in some kind of a meaningless game in which the students were exquisite at playing the role of students and the faculty were exquisite at playing the role of faculty.

I felt as if I were in a sound-proof room. Not enough was happening that mattered—that was real. And as a therapist I felt caught in the drama of my own theories. The research data showed that Rogerian patients ended up saying positive statements, and Freudian patients ended up talking about their mother because of subtle reinforcement clues—it was so obvious. And pretty soon he would be Freudianized.

In the face of this feeling of malaise, I ate more, collected more possessions, collected more appoints and positions and status, more sexual and alcoholic orgies, and more wildness in my life.

Every time I went to a family gathering, I was the boy who made it. Of course, it was all such beautiful, gentle horror, because there was so much reward involved. I had done all this in about three years.

I was really driven.

My Judaism was a political Judaism. I came out of a tradition of folk religion—the spirit escaped me somehow, although we did all the Yom Kippur and Passover Services. But Dad was on the board of trustees that hired and fired Rabbis , so how could I get into a feeling with a spiritual leader if my father was hiring and firing these guys.

Down the hall from my big empire, there was a little office. It had been a closet and they needed an extra office, so they cleared out the closet and put a desk in there and in that closet was Timothy Leary. He had been bicycling around Italy, bouncing checks, and David McClelland found him and brought him back as a creative gift to western science. Tim and I became drinking buddies together.

Then we started to teach courses together, such as the first year clinical course—practicum—on Existential Transactional Behavior Change. The more time I spent with Tim, the more I realized he had an absolutely extraordinary intellect. He really knew a lot. I found him extremely stimulating and the students found him exciting to be around, because of his openness to new ideas and his willingness to take wild risks in thinking.

And I said, Wonderful, and neglected to tell him that I had only a student license. So I secretly set about getting a license in order to meet him on August 1st in Cuernavaca , Mexico, where he was summering. There we would start our journey. I got my license and an airplane on the same day and flew to Mexico the next day in a death-defying leap.

When I got there, I found that Timothy had done some other type of flying, just about the week before. Contact was made with her and the mushrooms were obtained.

Miracle of love : stories about Neem Karoli Baba

Tim had eaten nine of these mushrooms—so many male and so many female mushrooms—with a group of others around a swimming pool and had had a profound experience. He said, I learned more in the six or seven hours of this experience than I had learned in all my years as a psychologist. That is a strong statement! When I arrived in Cuernavaca, the mushrooms were all gone, and so was the zeal to go on a trip across South America, because what was the sense in doing external journeying when obviously what Timothy had been looking for was inside his own head.

And I went to be a visiting professor at Cal and Tim went back to Harvard. And by the time I got back, Timothy had a large psychedelic project going. He had consulted with Aldous Huxley , who was then visiting at M. When I got back to Cambridge in the spring, I was invited to share in this bounty. I plowed through the snow, came in and we sat around the kitchen table and there were about three or four of us and we passed the bottle of pills and I took my 10 milligrams.

That was my preparation and my set and setting, but beyond that I trusted Timothy. I had seen that Timothy had had a profound experience and he was somebody with an intellect that I understood. I knew that he was not interpersonally destructive—he might be destructive of institutions, but not of individuals. He was a very loving person.

A little more dramatic, a little more intense. Clearly though something happened. During the first part of this experience with psilocybin, we got into a very low-level tragi-comedy type thing.

To our timeless minds, his struggle for breath continued too long and we thought he was about to expire. What could we do? It seemed our concerned mounted and the dog passed into a nearby room where it appeared to collapse. We finally decided the only path was to summon year old Jackie from the Late TV show upstairs.

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Now a few hours later I had gone off by myself to reflect upon these new feelings and senses. A deep calm pervaded my being. The rug crawled and the pictures smiled, all of which delighted me. Then I saw a figure standing about 8 feet away, where a moment before there had been none. I peered into the semi-darkness and recognized none other than myself, in cap and gown and hood, as a professor. It was as if that part of me, which was Harvard professor, had separated or disassociated itself from me.

How interesting… an external hallucination, I thought. Again I settled back into the cushions, separate now from my professorness, but at that moment the figure changed. Again I leaned forward straining to see.

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Ah, me again. But now it was that aspect of me who was a social cosmopolite. Okay, so that goes too, I thought.

Again and again the figure changed and I recognized over there all the different aspects I knew to be me… cellist, pilot, lover, and so on. Then I saw the figure become that in me which was Richard Alpert-ness, that is, my basic identity that had always been Richard.

So Richard has badness. Then Richard has beauty.

Recently Released eBooks

Thus develop all these aspects of self. Sweat broke out on my forehead. Was that what this drug was going to do to me? Would it be permanent? Should I call Tim? I can always get a new social identity. At least I have my body…. But I spoke too soon. As I looked down at my legs for reassurance, I could see nothing below the kneecaps, and slowly, now to my horror, I saw the progressive disappearance of limbs and then torso, until all I could see with my eyes open was the couch on which I had sat.

A scream formed in my throat. I felt that I must be dying since there was nothing in my universe that led me to believe in life after leaving the body. When I could finally focus on the question, I realized that although everything by which I knew myself, even my body and this life itself, was gone, still I was fully aware!

Not only that, but this aware I was watching the entire drama, including the panic, with calm compassion. Instantly, with this recognition, I felt a new kind of calmness—one of a profundity never experienced before. I had just found that I, that scanning device—that point—that essence—that place beyond. A place where I existed independent of social and physical identity.

That which was I was beyond Life and Death. And something else—that I Knew—it really Knew. It was wise, rather than just knowledgeable. It was a voice inside that spoke truth. Now I need only look within to that place where I Knew. Fear had turned to exaltation. I ran out into the snow laughing as the huge flakes swirled about me. In a moment the house was lost from view, but it was all right because inside I Knew.

Come to bed, you idiot. Nobody shovels snow at 5 in the morning. And I looked up at them and I laughed and did a jig and went back to shoveling snow. And they closed the windows and then I looked up and inside they were smiling too. That was my first experience of giving a contact high! But also, you can see in that moment in the early morning the seeds of the breakaway. But two or three days later I was talking about the whole thing in the past tense.

I was talking about how I experienced this thing, because I was back being that anxiety-neurotic, in a slightly milder form, but still, my old personality was sneaking back up on me. Now, what we did at first at Harvard was to tell all of our colleagues about this extraordinary thing that was happening to us, and they all shared our delight, as any scientists do when a fellow scientist finds a new avenue into the unknown.

And so the first week they listened with delight. And then at the end of the first week we all went back into our experimental cell—the living room by the fire and opened the bottle again and took some more psylocybin to chart this course further. And the next week we had shared a deeper experience and we came back and we spoke to our colleagues. We were developing a language among ourselves.

Be Here Now (Enhanced Edition) - Ram Dass

If Admiral Byrd and an exploratory party are going deeper and deeper into the polar region, the things they think about and are concerned about and are interested in become less and less relevant to somebody living in New York City.

This was our situation. We had the choice along the way of stopping to bring everybody else along, or going on. But these experiences quickly became indescribable. We were exploring this inner realm of consciousness that we had been theorizing about all these years and suddenly we were traveling in and through and around it.

At the same time, of course, by the second week, it was as though we had just been traveling in Tibet , and now, back in the school lunchroom, who do we hang out with?

We hang out with the guy with whom we went to Tibet, because we shared this very powerful experience. Pretty soon there were five or six of us and we were hanging out together and our colleagues said, Ah ha, a cult is forming, which was true for us.

A cult is a shared system of belief. You do it however you want to.

So we gave it to jazz musicians and physicists and philosophers and ministers and junkies and graduate students and social scientists. And at the end we had these protocols and the first analysis we did showed up very clearly that the reactions were a function of set and setting—a function of their expectations of what was going to happen, and the environment in which they took the drug.

If they had it in a very paranoid environment, and they were expecting to have excitement, they tended to have paranoid excitement. However, the data also showed something else. Out of these first few hundred, you could see that there was some kind of a step ladder of experience.

There was a kind of probablistic hierarchy of experience, so that the most likely experience everybody had was a heightened sensitivity to all of their five senses and speeding up of the thought process. It was one of many that my husband brought home from work and left around the house so someone would find it at just the right time. I'd flipped through it and thought it was just a collection of philosophical sayings in the form of trippy graphics which it is, mostly.

I noticed a copy at Ashanti's house, which impressed me, but not enough to actually start reading it. One night I was tripping for the last time with my best friend who was about to move to another stat This book helped me a lot. One night I was tripping for the last time with my best friend who was about to move to another state. I was sitting in my messy room thinking of all kinds of creative ideas and then getting frustrated because I'd already thought of those ideas, years ago, and hadn't really acted on them because I was too busy smoking pot and hiding from the world.

My friend was reading "Be Here Now" and kept saying "This is amazing, you have to read this! I was fascinated by the sixties as a kid, and now I was realizing I had gotten to live out a lot of the same dreams and fallen into some of the same traps.

About a week later a therapist was trying to convince me that I could get from meditation and Yoga whatever it was I got from drugs. She mentioned something about Ram Dass.When you give up your attachment, your anxious need, for money or power or sex, then you're free to make money, wield power and have sex.

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Dass means servant, so Ram Dass, the name Alpert was given, means servant of Ram, or God, as Ram was one of the incarnations of the God Vishnu, the preserver, Baba means father, and is a term of endearment and respect. You've stripped me. When I arrived in Cuernavaca, the mushrooms were all gone, and so was the zeal to go on a trip across South America, because what was the sense in doing external journeying when obviously what Timothy had been looking for was inside his own head.

This one's obsequious, that one's whining and selfish, this one's too messy, that one's too neat. I had seen that Timothy had had a profound experience and he was somebody with an intellect that I understood. It's new input. I kept talking, until he said, "I think that's your machine.

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