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Hardware The electronic stuffing of RNDPU consists of three green textolite boards two of which are only adapters; that's why besides the slots they have nothing interesting on them. It's only worth noting that all boards are produced by the Foxconn Company see the labels on the boards.

Now let's have a look at the third and the biggest board. The majority of its intelligent elements are placed on one side.

Part Number: SM321QF-CC

Naturally, the main element is the CPU. Two Marvell 88E chips are responsible for the network. The USB 3. Here we're through with the hardware review and move on to the software part.

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Firmware upgrade and starting up Before starting up the storage you have to go to the vendor's site and download the latest version of the RAIDar utility for the given device and to install it. Here the user can also receive brief information on the detected devices: MAC and IP-addresses, the model, name and state of the discs themselves and the RAID, the system temperature, a connected UPS, ventilation and firmware.

If necessary it's possible to ask the program for a note on each RAID type. For instance, X-RAID2 can be built on one disc with no user's data protection; however, adding a new drive allows implementing protected storage with the same data volume. If necessary X-RAID2 discs may be successively replaced with bigger ones thus allowing expansion of available disc space without spending a lump sum of money at once.

The process of RAID creation can take up to several hours depending on the disc size and the type of the array. To determine which physical device is being managed at the moment is possible with the help of the Locate button that makes the indicators of hard drives flash.

Traditionally we recommend our readers to use the latest firmware versions as the vendor constantly adds new features and fixes bugs. Firmware upgrade can be done in two ways: manually or automatically.

There's not much difference between the two: in manual upgrade System-Upgrade-Local the administrator first has to download the image file with the new firmware from the vendor's site and to transfer it to the web-interface, whereas in the automatic mode System-Upgrade-Remote the device downloads the image from the internet and installs it by itself.

Independent of the chosen upgrade mode the whole process takes no longer than four minutes, without the time necessary for downloading the image from the internet, and it doesn't require any special skills, the user only has to answer the system's questions in the affirmative.

Web-interface review Connecting to the storage one has to enter a login and password which are admin and netgear1 respectively.

recovering data in Nand memory iphone destroyed or bypass any protection 2016

We are used to the fact that the preferred language is chosen from a drop-down list of all supported languages in the device web-interface.

After entering correct account data the user gets to the RNDPU web-interface home page where he can turn to configuring the device with the help of the menu on the left or the Setup Wizard or look through brief information about the device.

In the lower right corner there are Volume, Disc, Fan, Temp and UPS buttons which allow displaying information on the state of respective subsystems.

The same results can be achieved from the Status item of the same-named menu. Now let's turn to the features available from the menu. We'd like to point out from the very start that we're not going to describe the functions of each sub-point but will only stop at those most interesting to us.

The Ethernet1 and Ethernet2 tabs are essentially the same; each of them is intended for managing the respective network interface. These tabs display information about the current state of the interface, its MAC-address, speed and duplex as well as IP-parameters address, mask and default gateway. When looking for problems on the physical and channel levels it may come in very handy to look through the storage interfaces error counter. On the Global settings tab the administrator can set up the hostname and the workgroup of the device as well as the DNS-servers addresses and the domain name.


The IPv4 routing table is controlled with the help of the Route tab. The Services group contains three tabs: Standard File Protocols, Streaming Services and Discovery Services which allow enabling or disabling the use of a certain supported network protocol and setting their work parameters.

Besides the listed standard protocols ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus can also work with other protocols the support of which has to be added via the Add-ons menu item. The former contains three tabs: RAID Settings, Volume Maintenance and iSCSI which allow the user to get information about the installed discs and to identify them, to schedule file system consistency checks and disc scrubbing as well as to create iSCSI target volumes.

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Blog 9 October Prezi Awards Please log in to add your comment. Power and Shutdown items allow managing the parameters of turning NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus on and off saving energy by automatic disc shutdown, scheduling the storage work timetable, controlling the UPS state as well as giving the administrator an opportunity to remotely power the device on through the net. Performance group provides the administrator with information on the disc status and temperature, fan speed, disc space used, and network utilization.

Here we're through with the hardware review and move on to the software part.

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