Irvine Welsh - The Acid House (epub) - dokument [*.epub] Table of Contents 15 PISH THE ACID HOUSE Irvine Welsh is the author of seven works of fiction. Trainspotting. Home · Trainspotting Author: Irvine Welsh Start by pressing the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. Irvine Welsh was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, the scene of his first book: the hugely successful Trainspotting. That book shot Welsh to fame, precipitated further.

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Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse prize for comic fiction A rampaging force of nature is wreaking havoc on the streets of Edinburgh, but. Ally Condie - (Matched Trilogy 1) - KB Justin_Halpern_-_ Shit_My_Dad_Says_(epub).epub. KB .. Glue - Irvine KB.

Dick to have been the greatest science fiction writer on any planet. Since his untimely death in , interest in Dick's works has continued to mount and his reputation has been enhanced by a growing body of critical attention.

The Philip K. Dick Award is now presented annually to a distinguished work of science fiction, and the Philip K. Dick Society is devoted to the study and promulgation of his works. This collection includes all of the writer's earliest short and medium-length fiction covering the years , and featuring such fascinating tales as The Minority Report the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's film , Service Call, Stand-By, The Days of Perky Pat, and many others.

Here, readers will find Dick's initial explorations of the themes he so brilliantly brought to life in his later work. Dick sciencefiction.

Philip K. Dick - The Minority Report. The Minority Report. An epic reading list for fans of historical fiction novels. Outlander - Diana Gabaldon. Supreet Kaur. Outlander book link is not opening The story starts with an elderly gentleman named Eddie who works as the head of maintenance at an amusement park called Ruby Pier, also known as Salty Pier.

Eddie is a face known to regulars at the pier and is sometimes jokingly referred to as "Eddie Maintenance" due to the positioning of the patches on his work uniform. Eddie is able to perform his job a job he inherited from his dad despite discontentment with life at the pier despite a crippling leg injury he received as a soldier during World War II. Supposedly, rumors had been spread that Eddie had gotten into an altercation with a man in his platoon during the war - and "nobody knew what happened to the other guy.

Nobody asked. Nadeen Ragab. Elizaveta Titarenko replied to Nadeen. Nadeen , mosquito land will be published on the page within two weeks , follow the updates. Maya Sanchez. I'm hoping you can send me a copy. I will also give you a copy as soon as I have it. Thanks in advance. The collection of the best modern crime - detective novels. Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn.

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The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith. Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl. Girl Who Played with Fire. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. For Ashling Kennedy, the new job she lands at start-up Irish fashion magazine Colleen is a dream come true. For Lisa Edwards, a high-maintenance London editor expecting a promotion to New York, her appointment as editor-in-chief of Colleen is a slap in the face, the only consolation being her rumpled-but-handsome new boss, Jack Devine.

Expand text… Furious at being passed up for a job at Manhattan magazine, Lisa vows to make Colleen the envy of the fashion industry, even if it kills her. She drives her Dublin staff to exhaustion, and Colleen becomes a smashing success. But after a particularly lusty meeting with her much-maligned long-distance London boyfriend, she wonders if the move and the single-minded career obsession have been worth it.

Meanwhile, Ashling is betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend Clodagh, whose bourgeois domesticity she's long envied. Ashling realizes that she has to let go of her cheerful "Miss Fix-It" demeanor and go after what she wants. Lisa is chagrined and Ashling is shocked to learn that Jack may actually fancy Ashling, but one "sushi for beginners" dinner has her convinced.

British bestseller Keyes's latest confection after Watermelon makes such a painfully brittle start the reader nearly despairs of the cardboard cutout characters, but slowly they begin to breathe and morph into charmers. Keyes's considerable following on these shores will declare this a delight.

Sushi for Beginners - Marian Keyes. Irvine Welsh is a Scottish novelist, playwright and short story writer. He is recognised for his novel Trainspotting, which was later made into a film of the same name. His work is characterised by a raw Scots dialect and brutal depiction of Edinburgh life. He has also written plays and screenplays, and directed several short films. To date, Welsh has published eleven novels and four collections of short stories.

Here are the best ones. Welsh, Irvine - Acid House. Irvine Welsh - Filth. Glue - Irvine Welsh. Irvine Welsh - Crime. Gulya Yuzdasheva. Jon McGregor's debut, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, was one of the most accelerated literary success stories of recent years; it propelled the then year-old from a dishwashing job in Nottingham to the Booker longlist in the space of a few months. It was an audacious book - formally adventurous, erratically punctuated and written in a kind of tumbling free-verse that turned the opening pages into an onomatopoeic riot: It was attention-grabbing, but it did leave you feeling slightly apprehensive about whether he meant to keep this up throughout the book - or, even more even alarmingly, his career.

So Many Ways to Begin. Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully conceived, Love and Misadventure will take you on a rollercoaster ride through an ill-fated love affair—from the initial butterflies through the soaring heights to the devastating plunge.

And, in the end, the message is one of hope. Lang Leav - Love and Misadventure. Love and Misadventure - Lang Leav. Lillian Linton. Rida Imran.

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Gina Andaya. Books by Matthew Crow please. Thank you. Some of the great science fiction books. Fahrenheit - Ray Bradbury. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline. Ender's Game - Card, Orson Scott.

Aydan Yavuz. Hi could you please publish the ePub version of "the letters you left behind" by Ming D. Liu , and "teaching my mom how to give birth " by Warsan Shire and "the rebellion" by kass Morgan. Thank you!. Ivan-Renz Ramos. Annabell Greene replied to Ivan-Renz. Ivan-Renz ,. It was also a bestseller throughout Europe and the USA, staying on the best-seller list in Germany for 52 weeks.

The Acid House

It has been optioned by producer Simon Brooks, producer of Love, Rosie. He looked at the pints and said softly, shaking his head: Two fuckin grands' worth of a problem.

Ain't him that's the problem, innit. It's you, his extended digit rigidly pointed at me, - and me, he said, drumming his finger heavily on his chest. We can forget that dough, Jock. I let his words play around inside my head, checking and double-checking their implication, an implication in reality I had instantly recognised. Gary took in a deep breath. It was strange that he was now so calm and reasoned, compared to his uptight state over the meal.

Teach him a fucking lesson. Teach him a little bit of respect, innit. How he proposed we did that, Gary made crystal clear. We would get tooled up and take a drive to Whitworth's flat in Haggerston. Then we would knock seven types of shite out of him on his doorstep and issue a deadline for the repayment of the money owed to us. I pondered this strategy. Certainly, there was no chance of resolving this matter legally.

Moral and emotional pressure had failed to prove fruitful, and, Gary was right, had actually compromised our credibility. It was our money, and Whitworth had been given every opportunity to repay us. But I was scared. We were about to open an ugly Pandora's box and I felt that events were spinning out of my control. I had visions of the Scrubs, or worse, concrete slippers and a dip in the Thames, or some variation on the cliche, amounting in reality to much the same thing.

Whitworth himself would be no problem, he was all flash; mouthy, but not a man of violence. The issue was: We'd soon find out. I had to go along with this.

Either way I couldn't win. If I didn't go ahead I'd lose credibility with Gary, and I needed him more than he needed me.

More importantly, someone would have my money and I'd be left skint and consumed with self-hatred for having capitulated so tamely. All you fucking Jocks, all fucking crazy! We'll show that cunt Whitworth just who he's fucking abaht wiff here. I asked, feeling a bit nauseous with excitement and anxiety. Gary shrugged and raised an eyebrow. I gasped. It was broad daylight. I'll call for you at eight with a motor. I had been feeling big vibes of anxiety about Gary's unstable behaviour lately.

More than enough, innit, he said, throwing back his pint and rising. You should go too. You don't wanna be knocking back too much of the Jonathan Ross, he pointed at my glass. I watched him lumber away purposefully, pausing only to wave at old Gerry O'Hagan at the bar.

I left shortly after, taking Gal's advice about the sauce consumption. I went up to the sports store in Dalston and downloadd a baseball bat.

I thought about downloading a ski mask, but that would be too obvious, so I went to me Army and Navy and got a balaclava. I sat in my gaff, unable for a while to look at the downloads. Then I picked up the bat and began swinging it through the air.

I pulled the mattress off my bed and stuck it against the wall. I thrashed at it with the bat, checking swing, stance and balance. The anxiety flowed from me as I swiped, lunged and snarled like a maniac. It was not long in returning. It had gone eight and I thought that Gary may have had a bout of sanity and called the whole thing off, perhaps after Marge tippled that something was up and got on his case. I didn't even go to the window. I just picked up the balaclava and the bat and went downstairs.

My grip on the weapon now felt weak and insipid. I climbed into the passenger seat. Even after he'd spoken, his face remained frozen in that strange smile, like a bizarre Halloween mask. I feared that he'd produce a knife.

My heart stopped when, from under the seat, he pulled out a sawn-off shotgun. No fuckin way.

I moved to get out of the car. His hand fell on my arm. Ain't fucking loaded, is it? You know me, Jock, for fuck sakes. Shooters ain't my fucking scene, never have been. Credit me wiff a little bit bleedin sense, innit. You think I'm fucking daft? Do it this way, we don't need no violence. No aggravation, nobody gets hurt.

A geezer inside told me; people change when you point a gun at them. The way I see it is: We ain't bothered about hurting the cunt; we just want the dough. If you get carried away wiff that bat, you might make im into a bleedin cabbage.

Then we got no money and a berth in the bleedin Scrubs. We terrorise him, we show him this - he waved the shooter, which now seemed like a pathetic toy, - and he's shiting pound notes at us. I had to concede that it sounded so much simpler Gary's way.

Scaring Whitworth was preferable to doing him over. Smash the cunt up and he'd possibly get a team together for revenge. If you scared the shit out of him with a shooter, the chances were that he'd know not to fuck with you. We knew the gun wasn't loaded, Whitworth didn't. Who would take the risk? Whitworth's flat was on the ground floor of a s systems-built maisonette block in a small council estate off the Queensbridge Road.

It was dark, though not pitch black, as we parked the car a few yards from his front door. I debated whether or not to put on the balaclava, then decided against it. Gary had no mask, and besides, we wanted Tony Whitworth to see who was pointing the gun. Instead I concealed the bat under my long coat as we stepped out the car.

I pressed the buzzer. A hall light clicked on, shining through the gap at the top of the door. Gary stuck his hand inside his coat. The door opened and a boy of about eight years old, wearing an Arsenal tracksuit, stood warily before us. Gary asked. I hadn't bargained for this. I'd made Whitworth into a cartoon figure, a mouthy ponce-spiv stereotype, in order to justify what we were going to do to him.

I'd never imagined him as a real person, with kids, people who depended on him, probably even loved him. I tried to make a signal to Gary that this was not the time or place, but the young boy had vanished back into the house and was almost simultaneously replaced in the doorway by Whitworth. He wore a white t-shirt and jeans, and a beaming smile across his face. I've got somefink for ya, if. The side of his face seemed to crinkle up as if he was having some kind of stroke.

Gary had whipped out the shooter and was pointing it straight at him. There was a shuddering bang and Whitworth seemed to vanish into the house. For an instant, it was like some kind of theatrical illusion, as if he was never mere.

In that split-second I thought I'd been the victim of an orchestrated wind-up between Gal and Tony Whitworth. I even started laughing. Then I looked into the lobby. Tony Whitworth's convulsing body lay there.She drives her Dublin staff to exhaustion, and Colleen becomes a smashing success. I'd never imagined him as a real person, with kids, people who depended on him, probably even loved him.

However, when viewing the information for her Match, the picture of another young man - Ky Markham, an acquaintance outcast at her school - is flashed across the screen. Marge shook her head and dropped her voice.

In that split-second I thought I'd been the victim of an orchestrated wind-up between Gal and Tony Whitworth. You'd've done the same, Jock, don't fucking tell me otherwise cause you're a liar; if it was your bleedin kid, you'd've done the same. If I didn't go ahead I'd lose credibility with Gary, and I needed him more than he needed me. Seizing the opportunity, Lisa sprang from the table and left the room.

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