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Aadat Remix and Subtitles in four languages: English Tamil,.

Kalyug Full Movie Full Movie download,. Kalyug Ke Avtaar.

Saraogi under the Vikas Productions banner and.. Ka sabse..

Movie: Kalyug Mujhe mil gaya man ka mit,. Ae Shyam Teri Murli Hindi - download mp3 and bhajan lyrics.. Aap aasani se yaha par PDF format me sabhi hindi books prapat kar sakte hai aur wo bhi. Kalyug Ka Avtar Mera. Play online or download to listen. Hindi, and Indian Music. It was the worst migration that took place under the threat of murder and massacre.

Actually more than six per cent of the Sikh population inhabiting West Punjab lost their lives before they could escape to East Punjab.

The facts of political life in India became painfully disillusioning for the Sikhs. It is unfortunate that prejudice against the Sikhs at the highest Central circles started exhibiting itself even while millions of the Sikh masses were still migrating from Pakistan to East Punjab and were either roaming about rootless or were seeking shelter in refugee camps.

Many of them were still coming in escorted or unescorted groups. Many still were sheltered in refugee camps in Pakistan and India and thousands were penniless living with distant relatives and friends with hardly any shelter from rain and sun. The Government, according to Kapur Singh, I. But you will have only that much land as falls to your share on the grounds of population. So Punjab area would be halved. And you will have to take back all the Sikhs from the rest of India.

They will have to be dismissed. Are you prepared for it? The authenticity of the above statement has been vouched for by no less a person than the late Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. It gives an insight into the minds of those with whom the Sikhs had to deal with for the last over forty years and the dismal designs that form the basis of all Central thinking and policies. With a long saga of sorrow and sufferings and a magnificent record of sacrifices, the Sikhs had expected the Congress leaders to give them a fair deal after Independence.

The radical change in the Central thinking was crystallised in the draft proposals of the Constituent Assembly, formally circulated to the State Assemblies for eliciting their reaction and view?.


In the considered opinion of the Akali Dai they being members of the Akali Dal as well , residuary powers should be with the States. Instead, Constitution leaning heavily towards a unitary form of Government was formed.

Thus, the Sikh members declined to append their signatures to the Constitution, indicating their categorical rejection. But the real content of our freedom can only be felt if the minorities are given due protection and provided safeguards for the development of their culture, language and religion. The subsequent events have to be analysed to see whether the new approach towards the Sikhs was of democratic equals and of sister communities in the country, or of masters and slaves as had been indicated by Jinnah.

Because this government, being created by the Prince, knows that it cannot exist without his friendship and protection, and will do all it can to keep them. What is more, a city used to liberty can be more easily held by means of its citizens than in any other way, if you wish to preserve it.

In fact, the future history of the country whether in Punjab, South or the East very clearly lays bare how this change in ideals has created the various problems and conflicts including social, political and economic. The underlying cause of most of those conflicts can very well be seen as a clash between the Congress ideals before and the acceptance of new ideology, which the change from Hindustani to Hindi represented.

The irony is that the leaders who had strongly represented the first idea were the very persons who later, for reasons best known to them, gave it up. We are referring to Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and the other Congress leaders who first enthusiastically espoused the ideal of one India and later gave it up in the Congress meeting of 4th May, The Congress made this change in policy and new decision quite deliberately, but it became disastrous for the country and the overall credibility and character of the party.

Owing to its clear consideration for the angle and the implications of the new ideology which it had now accepted, the Congress ceased, hence forward, to be a national party commanding the respect and confidence of all communities of the country. There is however a strong opposite view. Authorities like Moulana Azad, Ambedkar, H. Seervai, N.

Sahni, and others state that actually it gave up nothing but only exposed the reality, shedding its external veneer.

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Apart from this fact, there is no other difference between the Congress and the Hindu Maha Sabha. The Hindu trend of the Congress came evident in the framing of the Constitution itself. This had a dual objective, first, that scheduled castes would stick to the Hindu religion and, second, that the same lower castes in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism would revert to the fold of Hinduism, in order to have benefits of reservation.

Thus, the scheduled castes were taken out of the list of minorities and made a part of Hindus. The Sikhs understood this move and it was with great difficulty that they were able to have Mazhabi, Ramdasia, Kabirpanthi and Sikligar castes of the Sikhs covered by the clause of reservation.

The first tragic and communal impact of the decision to own Hindi in place of Hindustani in the Punjab appeared in the census.

In Punjab, the leadership was entirely with the Congress, Hindu ministers and leaders influenced the Hindus to declare Hindi as their mother tongue instead of Punjabi. The result, though ridiculous, became evident because the public in Punjab declared their mother tongue purely on communal lines.

It was evident to every one that the returns had been communalised and Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru strongly deprecated its evident falsity.

But little did he realise that it was the logical consequence of the policy decision he had made of accepting Hindi in place of Hindustani as a national language. And the further tragedy is that instead of trying to learn from the blunder and rectify the position, he accentuated the tragedy by stubbornly refusing to form a Punjabi Suba, thereby increasing the divide between the two communities.

If the Punjabi Suba had been formed in along with other linguistic states, the integration between the Hindu and Sikh population would have been promoted without any of the subsequent problems.

Its future evil effects could still have been averted, at least for the future of Punjab, if the lessons thereof had been learnt and the homogeneity of life in Punjab, which its history had represented, would have been maintained. For the census and the refusal of the Centre to oppose the Punjabi speaking state conveyed a clear message even to the ordinary Sikh that the Centre was opposed to the Sikhs having political power, much less allowing them autonomy or the glow of freedom in the state.

Hence, instead of rectifying the evil result of the historic decision, policies were pursued which could only accentuate the Hindu Sikh divide.

After, , along with the other linguistic area in the country, the Sikbs also continued to press for a linguistic state in Punjab, as was the repeated declared policy before independence. In pursuance of this united demand in India, the Centre appointed a States Re-organisation Commission in December, , to divide the country on linguistic basis.


It is both relevant and important to state that the rrfve to frustrate the creation of a linguistic state was not a of defence mechanism on the part of the Punjabi speaking Hindus, but it was a part of an overall attempt to create Hindu cultural dominance which had earlier made the Congress shed its consistent policy of accepting Hindustani as the lingua franca of India and own Hindi in its place.

The Sikhs were sorely disillusioned wjth the recommendation of the Commission, whereafter other linguistic states were created but Punjab was let out even though, Punjabi was one of the fourteen accepted languages of the country in the constitution. Evidently, discriminatory and incongruous as it was, the Commission instead of suggesting the formation of a Punjabi speaking linguistic state recommended that it should not be created in the NorthWest of India. The Sikhs who formed a marginal balance of The recommendations of the Commission reveal that there was a clear desire in the mind of the Commission and the Centre to keep the Sikhs in a perpetual minority so that they are unable to enjoy autonomy in their own home of Punjab and are always ruled by the Hindu majority by keeping the Hindi speaking areas unnaturally attached to it and creating a multi linguistic state.

With this obvious objective, they pressed into service all sorts of arguments to reject the Sikh demand and to create Maha Punjab bigger Punjab.

It betrayed a mentality of prepossession and mistrust. This was an echo of the voice of Hindu communalists The struggle starts : Thus, the oniy, and obvious reason for not creating a lingustic state in Punjab was that the Sikhs would be in a majority in a Punjabi speaking state. Being calculatedly reduced to a minority in their homeland, rhe Sikhs started a struggle for the creation of a linguistic state. It would be cowardly to accept this fate.

Jf we struggle and fall, we die a brave and noble death and if we struggle and win, we live an honourable life. So the choice is clear. Even during that struggle, we know that the contribution of the Sikhs in the matter of deaths and life imprisonments suffered was zaoce than seventy per cent in each case.

Though the Sikhs were omit bhter at the Central treatment meted to them in the calculated hbucs keep them in a minority in their homeland by PEPSU in Punjab, in , it is significant that through out that period, there were no Hindu Sikh riots or any tension between two communities.

It is significant to note that the Sikh struggles throughout history have always been pursued from the precincts of the Darbar Sahib, Amritsar and with a religious fervour expressed in a moral ethos. On the appeal of the President of India, the Sikhs suspended their struggle and again, as in , whole heartedly contributed to the War effort.

India Commits Suicide by g.s.dhillon

The Government is requested to take necessary steps for this purpose. It would have been in the fitness of things if territorial adjustments could be made with the neighbouring State of U. The move to create Haryana was in fact a move to erode the proper creation of a Punjabi Suba. It was an act of political subversion by which the seeds of discord between the two rival States were sown.

Following a Congress Working Committee Resolution, Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri appointed a Parliamentary Committee to consider the question of creating a Punjabi linguistic state in North India The creation of Punjabi Speaking State scuttled : It is evident that as soon as the Parliamentary Committee for the creation of the Punjabi speaking state was constituted, the opponents of the proposal, including the leaders of Punjabi Hindus, started working against it.

The appointment of Hukam Singh as Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee was not liked by Indira Gandhi, who was the Minister for Information acd Broadcasting at that time, as she was afraid of his proposed verdict in favour of Punjabi Suba. Unfortunately Mr. I went to Mr.

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Chavan and said that Sardar Hukam Singh was going to give a report in favour of Punjabi Suba and that he should be stopped. Indira Gandhi and Chavan met Shastri in this connection. Tich Chiham rated it liked it Jan 29, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Kolleen Crall rated it it was amazing Jan 08, George Frey rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Exceedingly Growing Faith by Kenneth E.

Everything is backed by Scripture so you can go read and understand. Oct 12, Jean rated it really liked it.

He is very biblical and if we are humble enough what he says about faith in this book is very real and true.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.Sikhism is not an inward looking salvation system. But the opponents of this decision criticise it on three important scores. Second, he made the census, which was officially known to be communally oriented and frivolous, to be the basisfor demarcation.

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In order to frustrate the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee, Nanda took three steps. It gives an insight into the minds of those with whom the Sikhs had to deal with for the last over forty years and the dismal designs that form the basis of all Central thinking and policies. He is told that a Sikh soldier considered it a disgrace if he suffered a wound on his back. Owing to its clear consideration for the angle and the implications of the new ideology which it had now accepted, the Congress ceased, hence forward, to be a national party commanding the respect and confidence of all communities of the country.

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