The Constitution of India by (E-Book Download) of Human Geography-Class-XII The Wonder that was India by P M Bakshi's The Constitution of India, is an Article-wise commentary on Constitution of India. This book, in this revised fifteenth edition have been updated with. Search results. of 17 results for Books: "P.M. Bakshi" Commentary on the Constitution of India. 1 October by P M Bakshi.

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This is the 3rd revised edition of the Constitution of India. It contains selective comments by 8hri P.M. Bakshi, former Member of the Law. Constitution of India P.M. Bakshi. September 9, Constitution of India Important Articles compiled download pdf. DownloadYou need The. P M Bakshi Books. (Showing 1 – 8 products of 8 products). Sort By. Popularity. Price -- Low to High. Price -- High to Low. The Constitution of India. english.

The President of India EJr.

Council of Ministers 10 aid and advise President Other provisions as 10 Ministers Auorney-General for India Powers, Privileges, etc. Power of President 10 promulgate Ordinances during recess of Parliament Certificate for appeal 10 the Supreme Court Jurisdiction and powers of the Federal Court under existing law to be exercisable by the Supreme COUll Special leave to appeal by the Supreme Court Review of judgments or orders by the Supreme Court Enlargement of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court Conferment on the Supreme Court of powers to issue certain writs Transfer of certain cases, Ancillary powers of Supreme Court Law declared by Supreme Coun 10 be binding on all couns Enforcement of decrees and orders of Supreme Court and orders as to discovery.

Discharge of the fundions of the Governor in certain contingencies Power of Governor to grant panJons, etc. Conduct of business of the Government of a State Duties of Cbief Minister as respects the furnishing of infonnation to Governor. Vacation and resignation of.

Score some Easy Marks with these Tips. Indian Polity is an interesting topic to study. Not just because we gain deeper knowledge about our Constitution but also because it is actually fun to read and compare the various provisions of the Indian Constitution.

This gives you a nice boost of marks in the final tally which can make a huge difference to your chances of clearing the Prelims. Initially I will explain the basic terminology so you feel comfortable when studying polity and then I will touch upon the important topics within Polity that you should focus more on. But first things first. Make sure your get Constitution of India by P.

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For other books for Prelims, refer this post. Also to get the most out of this short tutorial make sure you enroll in my Test Series for Prelims course so you can test yourself with actual Prelims-like questions with negative marking on Indian Polity that I have prepared for IAS aspirants. Like any other subject, Polity too has its own vocabulary that is in its most raw form quite high sounding laden with difficult legal words.

Articles are the various provisions in our constitution. There are articles in all.

Constitution of India P.M. Bakshi

So the total number of articles still remains the same at Remember , what I am saying will make more sense if you have P. Articles in the Constitution can have clauses. It tells more and lists additional provisions of the main article under which it is listed. It is enclosed within brackets. For instance, 15 4 is read as Article 15, clause 4.

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Going further, a clause can have sub clause s within it listing even additional provisions related to that clause. For instance Article 19 Fundamental Right to Freedom has various sub-clauses under clause 1 like 19 1 a.

As you can see a sub-clause like the main clause is also enclosed in brackets. The court's mandate is to protect the constitution, to settle disputes between the central government and the states, to settle inter-state disputes, to nullify any central or state laws that go against the constitution and to protect the fundamental rights of citizens, issuing writs for their enforcement in cases of violation.

Must Read Books for Indian Polity in IAS Exam Prelims:

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See more.Definition Laws iO ,;onsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights 11 13 Right to Equalily Return to Book Page. Sub-clause: Going further, a clause can have sub clause s within it listing even additional provisions related to that clause.

Durga Das Basu, is an analytical piece of work that is immensely helpful for those who are aspiring to write competitive examinations held by the Union or State Public Service Commission.

There are 12 schedules as of now and more could be added later.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It also discusses various issues pertaining to the working of the Constitution. Kashyap is a famous scholar known for his expertise on the matters of Parliament. Unformatted text preview: Each part is divided into articles, with some parts having chapters as well, due to the intricacies of sections like Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits.

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