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UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE ROSS JEFFRIES PDF - 23 Dec how good are they..? do they come with a money ePub File Size: Mb. Astm e Download ePub Astm e Telecharger Gratuit ePub download · Unstoppable confidence ross jeffries ePub download. CoursesPickupPsychology - Body LanguageRoss JeffriesRSDSeduction: AudioSeduction: WritenSelf-ImprovementSexual AttractionSpecial Products.

The Lazy Man's Way to Seduction Success I did the training and the practice and had a few embarrassing moments when a woman called me on the 'wierd' language I was using. I only download it on Bitlord. Use for a quick brush-up or for more serious review. Next Unstoppable Confidence and Power With Women Reviews If you're here, you probably don't have much going on in the ways of dating anyway so give it a shot, You have nothing to lose. What I meant to say was that it's a tool that you will use to best of your skill and ability.

The exercises in these tapes do have some value. That by the way, is way better than poems since, once you can do that then, you have internalized your patterns that even your business negotiations will have these elements in it. The unstoppable confidence tapes are very short collection of audios. The old unstoppable confidence ross jeffries in sales is that the customer does not now his or her place in your sales presentation. You have attached excess meaning to the thought of being rejected.

I love reading the poems!!!! It really is more important, inner game. You have probably experienced this at least once in your life. As for the forty ft. In all due respect I have read stuff from them all in the years. Speed seduction for me, was that pill. No registered users and 1 guest. And by now you know that there is a way for you to do it effortlessly and with no danger of getting caught. Next Ross Would you use this power to seduce someone for a long term relationship or would you use it for casual, short term hook-ups?

For some people that can work well, for others, it will seem like new age nonsense. Say to yourself, on the inside of your head not out loud , 3 times: My mind will keep these commands in my memory, permanently, and all the time, and make everything necessary for them to happen.

Cleaning Up Your Past Day 5: I would recommend you go into a really relaxed state before you do these. My inner game is good but i like to try everything, anyway i put this on the other night and it was really weird, i actually woke up when he said too at the end of the audio, i don't even remember going into the trance or whatever it was, but i can recall parts of what he was saying. Reviewed by Mark October 31, Basically you are imaging a time when you want success.

Speed seduction for me, jeffriez that pill. Comscore ComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. If you want to spout canned lines from 5 years ago I think we all know that can work.

Il Est Toujours Minuit Quelque

Most of the time we are unaware that we are doing it, and these things unstoppablee run on autopilot. And because the poems are the words of the author of the hypnotic poetry and you can disavow them if you want bet you won't have to! There are plenty of fish in the bar. How would he react if some girl didnt want to dance with him?

Oh, well. Its her loss. How long would he hesitate if he saw some woman he wanted to meet? I'll bet you not even for one second.

I dont want to suggest that if you pictured this kind of t hing to yourself whenever you went out to meet women, it might change how you felt and acted. Thats not possible, or is it? You really wouldnt want to feel that way all of the time, would you? Of course, you would. You dont have to lie on a couch for y ears, cry about your childhood and look for reasons why you're broken. Thats just going to keep you broken. Its that fast, so watch.

Were going to make this even better because I like to deliver bang for the buck. Look at that image again. Allow yourself to see it now. Its 40 feet tall, powerful, confident and laid back 20 to 30 degrees. Throw in some lightening and thunder and listen to that foot-tall thunderous voice you use when you speak from that place. Enjoy the power of having that incredible control over the tone and tempo of your voice.

Ill bet you're starting to feel really great. Change can be fun and feel great. Not only can you do it fast, but it doesnt have to hurt. Allow yourself to see that powerful, confident and foot-tall image again. I want you to take that image and, just for a second, turn it around so that you see it from the back. You see the back of your head.

Allow yourself to take a moment to do that. Take that image and raise it above your head. Drop it down on top of yourself.

Look down at the world with those foot eyes and that thunderous voice. See in front of you some hot, sexy girl that you want to meet. You can see her now. Over one of her shoulders, see that image again of that powerful and confident you, 40 feet tall and laid back 20 to 30 degrees. Over the other shoulder I want you to see an image of you and her later on in the evening or maybe the next night, really getting it on like crazy.

I want you see a big, bright color movie of that over her other shoulder. Now hear that powerful, thunderous voice in your head saying, Look at that.

Lets go give her a chance to get to know me. Lets be nice and give her a chance to meet me. As you're doing that, I want you to zoom in on some part of her body that you really like. Pick out that body part and zoom in on it.

Try in vain to hesitate or feel nervous as you hear that voice in your head saying, How much pleasure can I stand with this woman tonight? Lets go for it. Try to feel shy as long as you keep seeing all that. You just can't do it. The only thing you can feel is powerful, aggressive, sexy and confident. Now wait a minute. I just proved to you that you can make it impossible to ever have your problem again.

If we can do that by just listening to a dumb tape one time, how are you going to be after youve been practicing visualizing this for a few weeks? You're going to be unstoppable. Do you think that maybe women are going to respond to you differently if you're walking around with this kind of thing in your head?

Gosh, I kind of think so. Were just getting started. I do want to bring up one point. Some of you might have still felt a little hesitation. Was it fear or just a legitimate request for more information or a legitimate desire to know what to say and do next? Ive been doing this for a while. We're going to totally cover that so you're prepared with exactly what to say. Ill bet that you just felt wha t small hesitation there was leave completely, didnt it?

Heres your rehearsal homework for Day 2. By the way, you may be thinking to yourself, This side of the tape is a little bit short. It may be short in duration, but in terms of the importance of what I'm showing you, its critical.

I dont want to overload you, which is why I want you to do this little bit for this day. Step 1: Close your eyes and see that powerful, confident self-image thats 40 feet tall and leaning back 20 to 30 degrees. Step 2: Turn him around so you can see him from the back. Raise him up above yourself, right above your head and drop him down on top of yourself.

Step 3: Look out through those foot-tall eyes and that thunderous foot-tall voice that you use. Step 5: Over one of her shoulders, see that powerful foot-tall you again. Over the other, picture a movie of you and her getting it on later on in the evening. Step 6: As you keep seeing all this, I want you to keep that foot-tall voice in your head saying, Look at that.

I'm going to have that tonight. Lets give her a chance to get to know me. Step 7: Zoom in on that part of her body that you really like and hear that voice in your head say, Go for it.

Step 8: Notice how totally empowered and motivated you feel. Your homework for Day 2 is to do the first days homework again. Do the Affirmations, and then do this new homework, the Associated State Rehearsal. That concludes this tape. Well join you on the next tape. Are we starting to feel different? Maybe you even went out into the real world and tested this stuff out. Lets show you how to do more rehearsing in a slightly different way.

W ere going to show you how to rehearse being totally comfortable and absolutely at ease meeting women anywhere you want to, any time. There are just a couple of points to bear in mind. First, if you're going to rehearse, do it with enough detail so that your brain has a plan to follow, but with enough room to improvise in case something you didnt plan on comes up. That just makes sense. Things dont always go the way we expect. Sometimes its more fun to throw in a few unplanned twists, just to see what happens.

It also adds a lot more power to any current relationship you're in when youre meeting a lot of women and you know you can go out any night of the week and attract some dynamite females. A woman who knows that you can walk away from her is always going to want you a heck of a lot more than a woman who knows shes your only option. Its not that I think I have to sell you on the ability to instantly attract women wherever you find yourself, but it helps to know the purpose of an exercise.

I call t his Building a Filmstrip. If you own a camera and you take your film to be developed, they give you back the developed film and a strip of negatives. Its on very flexible film. If you wanted to, you could fold it around and form a circle.

Id like you to pick a location or a context where youd like to meet women easily and powerfully. Maybe its the supermarket, driving your car, the beach, the bar or wherever it is.

The first step is to pick out a location or a context.

Thats easy enough. For the first slide in this filmstrip, I want you to see in your mind the very first thing that would let you know youre in that location or situation about to meet a woman. Make sure these are all slides. They're still pictures, not movies. In every one of them, you see that powerful, confident you from the last exercise. See that first slide and push it aside.

In the next slide, I want you to see the next logical step in the sequence of meeting and seducing that woman. Maybe its you and her talking face to face. Make sure you see that you're both smiling and really enjoying each others company. We want to make these pleasant. If I was a therapist, Id help you make painful pictures so you could feel really lousy, keep coming back to me and pay me money.

All the while, Id be blaming you for not changing. I'm a Neuro-Linguistic programmer and everything we do is fun. Push that picture aside. For the next picture, see the next logical step. Maybe its you and her sitting at a table over dinner, or whatever you picture being your first date. If you're really bold, you could see a picture of the two of you as you're walking out the door together to go home with each other that night.

Its up to you. Its your life. Make it as exciting as you want it. Push that picture aside and go to the next step. Maybe its you and her making out on the couch like crazy. This is starting to get really fun.

Push that aside and go to the next step.

Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence. ROSS JEFFRIES UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE EPUB DOWNLOAD 2019-03-25

Its you and her getting it on in your favorite position. I want you to be able to see both of your faces expressing all that ecstasy. Make it so you're seeing both of you really enjoying yourselves. The last slide I want you to see is the two of you getting it on in another position. How much pleasure can you feel as you look at that slide again and that look of ecstasy on both of your faces?

This is fun. Change can be fun. In the other hand, I want you to take that last slide that you just made. Fold them around so that the last slide is right next to the first slide. Now you can see the first slide next to the last one. You have a circular filmstrip. You can imagine that youve just stapled or glued them together. Just see the juicy last one next to the first one.

Turn the filmstrip on its side. Rotate it so all you see is the edge of the filmstrip. You can't see any of the pictures, just the circle that the edges form. Take a moment to do that. Start the whole thing rotating around. As it rotates, raise it up above your head. When I snap my fingers, turn it around again, just for a moment, so you can see those pictures for just the briefest instant.

Then drop the whole thing down inside your head. Raise it up there. I snapped my fingers. Turn it around and drop it down inside of your head.

Were almost done. Take that filmstrip back out of your head again. Lay it out flat so you can see all the slides. I want you to look at that first slide.

I want you to step into it so you're actually seeing what youd see from your own eyes if you were there. You're not seeing yourself, but you're seeing what you would actually see if you were in the picture. Take a moment to enjoy that.

Step out of it again. I want you to look at the third slide and step into that one. See what youd see, hear what youd hear, and feel just how good it feels to f eel so confident. Step out of it. Look at the last slide. Step, lie or sit into it, depending on what position you're in. See what youd see, hear what youd hear, and feel that youd feel so good now.

I know you like being there, but step on out. Look at that first slide again. Step into it. This time when you step into it and see that girl, I want you to see that image of the foot-tall powerful you. Do that now. Doesnt it make it seem like you know you're going to have her, like somehow its already happened? Isnt that strange? Think for a minute about meeting and seducing a woman in that location youve just rehearsed. Is there any doubt at all that youd know exactly what to do and how to handle it?

No way. What if you picked a different location or context to rehearse every day for the next two to three weeks? What do you think that would do for your love life? You dont really want that now, do you? You may be asking yourself, Wait a minute.

Could I maybe use these tools to make myself powerful, confident and successful in every area of my life? This stuff is only limited to women, and you could never, ever use it for everything the rest of your life. Of course you can. If you take these tools and just use them to be incredibly succsexful with women, you're a fool. The beauty is that you can use them for anything. For some of you, that might actually be a little threatening.

I had a client I was working with recently. Toward the end of the session, he said, Im a little scared by all of this. There's a part of me that feels threatened because there has always been a part of me thats believed that things just happen to you in life and that you're at the mercy of your feelings.

If I take control like this with women, I'm not going to have any excuse anymore for not controlling myself with every area of my life. I looked at him and said, Thats right. The price you pay for being successful with women is that you're going to get to be successful with everything.

I know its a lousy deal I'm giving you. I tried my best. Lets review the steps for building a filmstrip. Of course, this is going to be your additional piece of homework for today. Step 2: For the first slide, see yourself in the first logical step of meeting and seducing a woman from that location or context. Always make sure that you see that powerful, confident you and that these are slides, not movies.

Steps 3, 4, 5 and 6: However many slides you make, continue to construct them from each logical step in the sequence of meeting and seducing her. Make the last two slides you and her really getting it on. Youd better make it good, juicy and fun, or I'm going to come after you, find you and inflict some real pain.

Next, once youve constructed all the slides, take the first slide and fold it around so it meets the last side. You can see them next to each other. Turn the whole filmstrip on its side so you can just see the edge of the circle it makes.

Start rotating it around as you raise it up above your head. Next, turn it back around so you can see the pictures just for a split second. Then drop it down inside your head. Next, pull all the slides back out again.

Look at the first slide and step into it so you experience what it would be like to actually be there. See what youd see, hear what youd hear, and feel how good youd feel. Step back out of it and do that for Slide 3 and the last slide. Finally, step back into the first slide. As you look over the womans shoulder on one side, see the powerful, confident you. Over the other shoulder, see the last slide in the filmstrip.

Realize how totally prepared you feel. Do the homework from Day 1 and 2. That concludes this side of the tape. Turn the tape over and r ewind it. Well see you on the next side for Day 4. Weve shown you some pretty powerful tools so far for building up your self-image in the present and future. By the way, Building Filmstrips seems to be the favorite among my clients.

They really like doing that one. Now let me show you about handling your past. Im not a big believer in archaeology and digging into what has kept you stuck. I do know, however, that if you just correct your present and future, you could run into some major challenges.

There are still going to be those times when you look into your past and see all those images of the times youve screwed it up. My belief is that its tough enough to succeed in life without having to fight yourself. You already have to fight circumstances and bad luck, so why not rig it up so all your images, past, present and future, are working together to support you getting what you want?

Heres how to clean up your past. What I want you to do is think of a recent time when you blew it with a woman. Think of some flub, screw-up or mistake that kept you from getting what you wanted or led you to getting what you didnt want. Maybe you didnt ask her out aggressively or go for it physically when you had the opportunity. Im going to give you about 10 seconds to think about that mistake. Some of you will have that mistake leap to mind right away.

I want you think of the most recent time you made this boo-boo. Heres what I want you to do. Its the Giant Movie Theater game. I want you to see a powerful, confident, foot-tall image of yourself sitting in a movie theater.

This is a special movie theater that can accommodate foot-tall people.

Up on the movie screen, I want you to run a small, black-and-white movie of yourself making this flub-up. Watch as the foot-tall you watches this black-and-white 23 Unstoppable Confidence transcript Copyright , Ross Jeffries.

Notice how, when he watches it, he can spot where you first started to go wrong and even come up with ideas of how he would have done it differently. Just run it to the end, and when you get to the end of the movie, freeze it as a freeze-frame still picture. Now what I want you to do is back the movie up to an hour before you ever made the flub. Now watch as that foot-tall you steps into the screen. From an hour before it ever happened, watch him go through it and see him doing it right, having it turn out the way you would have wanted it to.

Well give you about 10 or 15 seconds to fini sh that. Heres the next piece of this. I want you to take a break from the movie theater for a minute. Were going to do something very interesting that youll find very useful. Step outside of that movie theater and come back into wherever you are. I ho pe youre not listening in your car driving because youre going to be in big trouble closing your eyes.

I want you to think of something you did two or three years ago. It doesnt have to be related to women. It could be the most mu ndane, trivial thing. Just think of something you were doing two to three years ago. As youre doing that, what Id like you to do is take your finger and point to what direction those pictures seem to be coming from.

Actually do this. Another way to think about this is if you were to imagine your mind to be a mental movie screen, just point to where on the screen you see those images of yourself doing that thing two to three years ago. Where were you pointing? Whats that? I cant hear you. Speak up a li ttle bit. Now I want you to think about something you were doing about an hour before you started listening to this tape today.

Notice again where that picture or pictures seem to be. Take your finger and point to where you see those. If it helps, take your finger and point.

If you were to imagine a line stretching from your past to your present and into your future, that would be your timeline. Everyone is different, and some people have their past to the left or right. Some people have their past behind them, so they never learn from their mistakes.

Everyone is organized differently. If youre experiencing a challenge in different locations for past, present and future, you might try just sticking your past to the left, present in front of you, and future off to the right.

See how that feels. Dont do this if you already know the location of your past, present and future. Keep what you have naturally. If you dont know how you organize things, try this and see how it feels.

Youre doing very well following me. This is a little bit intricate but very important. What I want you to do is remember the very first time you ever made this flub-up or mistake or a flub-up of a similar nature to the mistake you just corrected.

Just allow yourself to go back into your past, float up above wherever your past is, and remember the very first time you e ver did it. It doesnt have to be the exact occurrence but a mistake of the same or similar nature. Go back an hour before you ever made this flub for the very first time. From an hour before, notice what happens as you turn, look toward the present, and see the most recent time when you did it right.

Remember, weve corrected it. From an hour before you first ever made this flub, watch that powerful, confident you as he goes through it, doing what he would have done, and watch it coming out right, the way you would have wanted it to. Well wait another three or four seconds to give you a little bit more time to complete that. Im willing to bet that you made it more than twice. If you can find a time between the most recent and that time way off in your past, move to an hour before that time.

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Now turn, look into the past, and see the very first time when you did it right, because weve corrected it. Now turn and look toward the present and see the most recent time when you did it right. Now, with a sense that youve already done it right in your past and that you will do it right in your future, go through this middle time doing it right and seeing it come out the way you would have wanted it to.

Well wait just a few moments for you to complete that now. Now what I want you to do is move on into your future, wherever that is. Remember, the important thing is to step outside what you did and move on into what could be. Look wherever your future might be. If its off to your right, then move out on that timeline to the right. Go out into your future about a month or so from now.

Imagine it being an hour before being faced with a similar situation in your future. Now turn and look into your past and see these three examples of having done it right in the past. Now, from an hour before, turn and look to your future and watch yourself doing it right and seeing it turn out the way you want it to. As youre completing that, ask yourself this question.

If you stop a minute and think again about being in the future, faced with a similar situation, is there any doubt in your mind that youll get it right and know exactly what to do? Theres none whatsoever. Isnt that great, to feel that total certainty that you now know what to do?

Its a little strange, but thats fine. Something that you always used to flub has now become a source of tremendous power, ability and confidence. The ancient alchemists spent all their time 26 Unstoppable Confidence transcript Copyright , Ross Jeffries. Youve just learned to do the same thing on the inside of your mind.

Its not enough just to have a belief that you can learn from your mistakes. Youve probably heard before that there are no failures, only feedback, and you need to learn from things, but its not enough to have a belief. You also need to have a tool to help you do the learning. Beliefs without the tools to execute them are powerless.

Beliefs plus tools plus putting in a little effort yields miraculous results. You might need to go back into your past and correct a few more examples. Usually, three is all it takes to establish a new pattern, but sometimes not. Sometimes there is a series of mistakes around the same subject that you have to go back and correct. Let me give you the steps again for cleaning up your past.

Step 1: Think of a recent flub-up, screw-up, mistake or Jack Fu. There are all sorts of different means of saying it. Step 2: Watch the foot-tall you sitting in a movie theatre. Up on the screen, watch a small black-and-white movie of the flub from beginning to end.

As you do so, notice how the foot-tall you can notice where you first started to go wrong and think of how he would have done it differently. Step 3: Back the movie up to an hour before the flub ever happened and watch as the foot-tall you goes through it, doing it right and seeing it come out the way you would have wanted it to.

Step 4: Go back into your past to an hour before you ever made this kind of flub. Turn and look toward the present. See the most recent time when you did it right, because youve corrected it. Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5, but with an experience thats between the first time and the most recent time. You go to an hour before the middle experience, turn and look to the past and see the first ti me you did it right, because remember, youve corrected it.

Then turn and look to the present and see the most recent time you did it right. Now, with the sense that youve already done it right in the past and will do it right in the future, go through this time, the middle time, doing it right, seeing it come out the way youd want it to. Step 7: Move on out into your future to an hour before a time in your future when youll be faced with a similar situation.

Turn and look to your past and see those th ree examples of your having done it right. Then turn back to the future, and from an hour before, go through it doing it right and seeing it come out the way youd want it to. Let me give you a couple of useful hints. Flub-ups can be anything. Sometimes the flub-up was just not recognizing the woman was a total waste of time. What you should have done was just walk away. I want to encourage you to apply this very powerful exercise to virtually every area of dealing with women.

Im going to give you your homework for today. Homework is such a nasty word. Lets try to think of something else. It could be your exercises or doorway into power for today. Thats the end of this tape. Youve been good. Youre doing your homework. We appreciate it. Day 5 is going to be a lot of fun. Well see you tomorrow. Were almost finished.

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Today, I want to wrap up by giving you a few more tricks. They are pretty simple compared to what youve been learning. The exercises I've been giving you are actually pretty intricate in terms of the amount of concentration they require. I'm glad youve been sticking with it. I want to show you a couple of good techniques. First, I want to show you a good technique to use if you're stuck on what move to make with a particular woman. Lets say you have her phone number and shes resisting you.

You're not sure what move to make. What you should do in that situation is just close your eyes and see that foottall you. Lean back 30 degrees and ask, What would he do in this situation? I promise youll get the answer you need.

Youll find that as you do the exercises more and more, those answers will almost always be the ones you start to come up with naturally, on your own, without having to even consider it. When you get really good at designing and installing the programming you want, then it becomes easier and easier to figure out new ways to get it running.

Let me talk about actually going out and using this stuff in the field at a bar or party. I want to show you some ways to dress up your attitude so that when you hit that bar or party, you are absolutely ready.

You're going to absolutely clean up on everyone there and leave your competition in the dust. This is a pattern called the Swish Pattern. I would like you to see an image in your mind of an absolutely, totally gorgeous, completely beautiful woman.

Its someone you really want right now. Can you see her? Make sure you just see her. You dont see yourself. You just see her. Over in the right-hand corner of that picture, Id like you to see a small, still black and-white picture of that powerful, confident you. Very quickly, when I snap my fingers, make that picture, the powerful, confident, sexy, aggressive you grow really big and 29 Unstoppable Confidence transcript Copyright , Ross Jeffries.

Its just going to sound like, Swish. Are you ready? See that image of her, and in the lower right -hand corner you see that little image of you. Now open your eyes. Close them again. Start with that picture of her again. In the lower right-hand corner you see that image of you. Open your eyes and close them again. Start with that picture of her.

Its that fast. Make it really fast. Do that one more time. Open your eyes and close them. Start again with that picture of her and you in the lower righthand corner. Do it really fast. Notice that now when you look at that image of the powerful, confident, sexy, aggressive you it just seems natural that whenever you see a woman who turns you on, that image of you being powerful and confident will be instantly called to your mind.

Isn't that neat? Let me show you some more things about dressing up your attitude. It doesnt make any sense to get dressed up in nice clothes, put on the cologne, clean up your car, polish your shoes and do all that stuff if you have a lousy attitude. A superior attitude is going to carry you really far. Let me show you something about developing that kind of attitude. What I would like you to do as you're listening to this tape is put your head back to your shoulders and say, Ahh, ooh, eeh, ahh.

Actually do that. I know it sounds silly, but do it. Im going to make the engineer here do it in his head. Hes doing it as hes recording this. Just say, Ahh. When you go out to a bar or party, imagine you're right there and you see a woman in front of you. I want you to notice as that voice in your head says, Ooh, ahh.

That girl needs me! I want you to literally say that, but not out loud. Do this inside your head. Say, Mmm, that girl needs me. This is such a simple little thing. It is going to supercharge you. You're going to be uncontrollable. In fact, you'll probably have to build a gearshift in your mind. I dont know if you drive a manual transmission. If you dri ve an automatic, you probably still have seen a manual transmission. Close your eyes right now, and imagine you have a gearshift in your mind.

It has four gears, first, second, third and fourth. First is slow gear. In second, you're speeding up. Third and fourth are like full-tilt boogie. Put the pedal to the metal! As you image that gearshift in your mind, it will help you know what speed to use when you approach a woman. When you do all this stuff, even when you're confident, aggressive and sexy with a she needs me attitude, you want to make sure you do it with the proper degree of intensity.

You want to make sure that the sexy, confident and powerful attitude doesnt come at her at 70 miles per hour.


Image that gearshift. Your hand is on the gearshift, right now, in first gear. You're approaching her. As she starts to respond to you more and more, you shift into second.

You're speeding up the intensity of your sexiness. Then you shift to third gear, and shes really turned on. Fourth gear is close it, and go for it. Just having that metaphor of the gearshift in your mind can really help you. Sometimes in this game, you really need to learn to shift down and lay back a little bit. What I finally want to do is get into some actual scenarios for picking up women.

A lot of guys have said to me, This is very good. I have my attitude down. Sometimes I still dont know exactly what to say. I want to get into giving you a few really good pick up lines that work really well. I actually am indebted to one of my students who I saw for a couple of private sessions for this first line I'm going to give you. He dreamed this line, and its worked for him fabulously. Heres what you do.What I want you to do is think of a recent time when you blew it with a woman.

Change can be fun. Maybe its you and her sitting at a table over dinner, or whatever you picture being your first date. You swiftly size up a womans potential and eliminate those who are wasting your time. They really lik e that.

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