Also new in iOS 10, you'll now be able to create a PDF from the print panel / /06/ 16/iosairprint-bluetooth-beacon-create-pdf-print ing/. If you have saved many. I'm using OneDrive for Business App on an iPad Pro, sync'd to my Office and PowerPoint files well, downloading, marking-up and sync'ing. I realised that this is the same reason they stream videos onto iPad to save space . Why would you want streaming video to a PDF file o_O . I do not have any experience with JB'ing, so you'll need to determine at what.

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I also installed the software on my iPad and I can view all of the synced files except the PDF files. When I attempt to open a PDF file I get a. My iPad version during sync imported the references but failed to import all the PDFs so that 10% of the PDF files are missing, with no way to download onto the . I read through my first pdf on my ipad using Mendeley. I made annotations and edited the notes field as well. When I synced my file, the file disappeared from the .

Although, the file opened in Mendeley - there seems to be no way to go back to the library now. Dear Mendeley support team, I've recently updated the Mendeley Lite app on my iPad to the new version. So far it works fine, with just a major bug: In detail, the first few entries in the collection are displayed, but the scroll bar does not appear and the app stop responding to anything.

If I get back to the home screen on iOS and re-open the app, it appears that everything is restarted I get the loading page with the Mendeley logo, then the app checks for changes in the library again. Entering other folders the ones I defined in Mendeley Desktop, or even just the "Recently Added" or "Favorites" sections works just fine.

I guess it may be some "offending entry" in my library, which is not however listed in the other folders: Is there a way to submit more detailed data about this? Just to help you making the app more stable. Best regards, Michele. Dear Mendeley support team, I have just dowloaded the latest version of the Mendeley app on my iPad, but it's impossible to retrieve on my iPad Mendeley app some PDF files which are in my desktop library.

I just downloaded the latest version of Mendeley for the iPad and synced the ipad with my computer twice. Under settings I have turned on "sync on load" and "sync attached files". None of the pdfs that I have on my desktop appear on the ipad. Any suggestions? Hi, I can open and sync files between my desktop and iPad. I don't find document details, such as Author, Title, etc.

When I sync back to my desktop, the document information is still missing. How can I download a complete document details on ipad or fix the missing information on my desktop PC. Thank you. My app freeze when launching it. The little wheel in the bottom left is rotating in the checking for changes mode.

My wifi connection works fine. I have an iPad 2 with iOS 7. I installed the new Mendeley mobile app thanks! After the first sync, all my favorites were there I think. But I could have dreamt that. But on second sync, the favorites list on my iPad through the mobile app only includes the first 20 entries. The favorites list I see in the desktop version is much longer.


If I find a document from the library on the iPad and favorite it, it doesn't show up on the favorites list on the iPad or look like they're favorited there, though they do show up as favorited after I sync the desktop app. Is there a reason only the first 20 of my favorites are showing in the mobile app?

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On the desktop version, I was able to select multiple tags at once. For instance, I want papers that study "attractiveness" with "faces" stimuli, but only using the "fMRI" method. Is this possible? I can get to a screen that displays a particular paper's tags, and from there, I can select one tag which gives me all other papers with that tag. But how do I select only papers that have all 3 tags that I want? I've also tried the search term "tag: I'm having a weird bug where when I open a file on the ipad app, it loses it's position in a file folder I've already created.

I can still find it in All Documents, but then the only way I'm finding to get it back into the file folder is to use the online or desktop apps and sync.

I also don't have consistent success using the file folders on Mendeley iPad to do much of anything. Readdle has done an excellent job straddling their options. I concur, PDF Expert 6 is fantastic, and the new redaction tool is super easy to use.

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Thanks for the comment! Most document review applications will do that. So I ended up just creating a text box, set the font to white, and I could place it over the redacted area.

Like I said, no the smoothest option. The stamp tool works if you use the blue bubble, which makes it a little faster than using the text box. Maybe Readdle would consider adding this feature. I will ask them. Thanks for the tip about DocReviewPad. I will check it out. Definitely let us know if you hear back from Readdle. I am unable to access the web importer for my ipad, i followed all the steps on a previous question but when i got to the bit where it says 'Bookmark bar' i do not have that option.

All I have is 'favourites, history, google and bing. I have a pdf on Mendeley Desktop which I've added a lot of notes to, but I can't get the notes to appear on my android device. I've synced both the desktop and the mobile app, and I can view the pdf, but on mobile none of the notes appear. Can you clarify the what happens when i delete a pdf on , say, the ipad version.

Does it go forever? Does it go into Trash forever or for a limited time? If I delete from Ipad does it also remove it from the library when viewed on mac using desktop version. I am keen to limit what i store on the ipad for two reasons; a security and b memory size limits , so it is important that i can remove a pdf from the ipad yet maintain it in the central library on the mac so that , in the future , I can again download it to the ipad if required.

Thanks Roy. Hallo On my IPad I like to edit documents from my library with another pdf app. Copying the document to the pdf app is no problem. But when I copy the file back, Mendeley does not update the existing document. Instead the file is added as new entry. Any idea what the problem is? Maybe it is caused by a change of the file name. When copying the file to the pdf app or saving it in a folder Mendeley is adding an additional file extension. Thanks in advance Michael.

I have recently downloaded the Mendeley app for IOS Unfortunately, I am unable to access any of my articles that I have saved on my desk top.

Any suggestions? Thank you! I installed the Mendeley app on my ipad, running iOS Thank you for your answer, Giulia Rossi. I can't figure out to get keywords to display in the Mendeley iPad app these are labeled as 'author keywords' on the desktop version. I do see the tag function, but I use these two fields differently and would like to be able to use both on the iPad as well. Mobile Apps http: Are you the publisher?

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Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Channel Description: Mobile Apps articles. Contact us about this article. Can't sign in on ipad. Latest IOS update fails with "this app is not compatible with your device". Cannot download.

Sign in iPad fails. Session expired error on iPhone.

Annotation highlighting pdfs on ipad. Crashing on IPAd? Mendeley Android: Could not initialize PDF reader. Cannot open PDF files with external applications.

Unable to complete sync in Mendeley Ipad.

Unable to login to iOS app "Incorrect details. Mendeley App - Sync failed: Bad Request. How to remove highlighting. Ipad no zoom function. Mendeley iPad app doubling downloads.

Sync error. Copy formatted citation Mobile. Ipad app doesn't work.

Notes Deleted on Sync. How to search for multiple tags in IOS app? Could you please add free-drawing annotation feature to the IPad version?

I can't log in on ipad. Files not visible in iOS. URL bookmark. Web importer for ipad. Edit documents with another pdf app;.Brett - May 11, When i add Tags to a reference on my iPad, or move references from one folder to another, they do not appear on my desktop Mendeley app, despite having clicked on the sync options on both multiple times.

Chords and Instruments SongBook comes with comprehensive, extensible chord libraries for many instruments like guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and piano. I haven't been able to obtain an iPad for testing yet, but I should have one available later today.

iPad not previewing synced PDF files

Does it go into Trash forever or for a limited time? If not, we're looking at the files probably being corrupted or encoded in a format unreadable on that device. Basic Functional.

That is improper. Sync failed:

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