In this lesson aspects of starting and speed control of d.c motors are D.C shunt, (ii) separately excited and (iii) series motor widely used are given at the. The equivalent circuit for a series dc motor is shown in Figure In a series dc motor, the armature current, the field current, and the line current are all the. DC Series Motor Used as a Universal Motor. The series motor provides high starting torque and is able to move very large shaft loads when it is first energized .

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DC motors consist of one set of coils, called armature winding, inside another set of coils or a set A winding is made up of series or parallel connection of coils. Characteristics of DC Series phisrebiberkotch.ml - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Types of DC Motors. • Separately Excited Motor. • Shunt Excited Motor. • Series Excited Motor. • Compound Excited Motor. • Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor.

However, the amount of torque generated by motor is directly proportional to the winding current. The higher current demands a higher power supply, too. Motor Speed In DC series motors, a linear relationship exists between the amount of torque produced and the current flowing through the field windings.

Types of DC Motor

The speed of the motor can be controlled by varying the voltage across the motor, which further controls the torque of motor. To increase the speed of the motor, decrease the field current by placing a small resistance in parallel to the winding and armature.

To decrease the speed, use an external series resistance along with the field winding and armature. This will reduce the voltage across the armature with the same counter EMF, thus resulting in a lower speed of motor.

Unlike DC shunt motors , series motor does not operate at the constant speed. The speed of the motor varies with change in the shaft load, so speed control of the motor is not easy to put into practice. Applications, Advantages and Precautions Series motors can produce large turning effect, or torque, from a stand still.

These motors have found application in small electrical appliances where high torque is necessary at start up. DC series motors are used mainly for industrial applications, e.

Principle of Operation

Heavy and magnificent cranes drawing thousands of amperes are driven by this motor. Therefore, after magnetic saturation, Ta-Ia curve becomes a straight line.

The shaft torque Tsh is less than armature torque Ta due to stray losses. Hence, the curve Tsh vs Ia lies slightly lower. In DC series motors, prior to magnetic saturation torque increases as the square of armature current, these motors are used where high starting torque is required.

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Speed vs. As we know, flux is directly proportional to Ia, speed is inversely proportional to Ia. Therefore, when armature current is very small the speed becomes dangerously high. That is why a series motor should never be started without some mechanical load.

But, at heavy loads, armature current Ia is large.

And hence, speed is low which results in decreased back emf Eb. Due to decreased Eb, more armature current is allowed. Priyanto Deb. Bala Subramanian. Hazel Marie Ignacio Peralta. Kr Manu.

Pipin Azrin. Govind Raj. Mohammed Faizan. July As.

Ricardo Ferreira. Ankit Prajapati.

Construction and Principle of Operation of DC Series Motor

Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook. Muhamad Faiz Yahaya. Dan Saucedo. More From venkat. Faizan Malik.

Characteristics of DC Series motor.pdf

Agyapal Bajwa. Popular in Science And Technology. Robin Agarwal.

Leon Mills.The construction, designing, and maintenance of these motors is very easy. Hence, for small currents speed is inversely proportional to. Muamer Besic.

Dan Saucedo. DC series motors are used mainly for industrial applications, e.

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