playing away. SHE'S PLAYING WITH FIRE Connie Green's life should be perfect. She's married to gentle, loving Luke, has a good job and really fabulous. Playing Away book. Read 72 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Imagine the sexiest man you can think of. He's disrespectful, confiden. though see what Adele Parks has to say about that disparaging moniker (p6)!. Also in this issue, Mitzi .. since her début Playing Away, she has produced a novel a 3. Offer a free chapter. Use to offer a PDF.

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Love Lies - Adele Parks - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Because he. and many of his mates. work nights they often waste away a day Lisa hasn't had to play the role of babysitter with me quite so to. SHE'S PLAYING WITH FIRE The unforgettable debut novel from Adele Parks, author of the No. 1 ebook bestseller, The Stranger In My Home. Playing Away. Playing Away. View PDF. book | UK → Penguin. Imagine the sexiest man you can think of. He's a walking stag weekend. He's a funny, disrespectful, fast.

On the day of her marriage Germany declares war on Russia and France in August of Soon Vivian finds herself moved to the small country village of Blackwell, far from everything she has known she feels isolated and cut off from her family even though Aubrey believes she will be safe here.

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Why she wonders should her husband be free to fight for his country and Vivian left alone and separated from her own family? Chapters alternated between Vivian and our male protagonist - Howard Henderson, a playwright trying to produce the ultimate play which will catapult him onto the world wide stage.

He seemed to be the man about town having any woman he wanted treating them mean and keeping them keen. But when war is announced he travels with a Daily Mail reporter to write articles and convey what is happening in France back to the people of England. Howard is deeply affected by what he witness' and cannot stand such pain and suffering. He understandably cannot see any justification for such bloody merciless killing and torture.

Here we see a profound change in Howard and my opinion changed to. He became a strong man determined to stand up for what he believed in not giving into convention even though the ramifications would have huge, dangerous consequences.

When Howard returns to England he is haunted by what everything that has unfolded before his eyes. Soon conscription is introduced and here is where I felt Howard really changed and came into his own.

He stands firm and refuses to enlist.

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Reading this it made me realise I have never given much thought to men who had not entered the war. They are rarely mentioned and in this novel Adele Parks has given them a voice and you can fully comprehend the internal struggle Howard was going through. It certainly opened my eyes to an aspect of the war and this storyline enriched the book.

Only when Howard and Vivian finally meet in Blackwell after she decides to employ him did I feel the book really come into its own. Vivian is slowly coming to terms with the path now set out for her and Howard's mother Mrs. Henderson has done her best to help her acclimatise to such a different way of life. But when she sets eyes on Howard you literally see the sparks fly and Vivian must struggle with her emotions and what she feels is the correct thing to do.

I can honestly say both the main characters go through such transformations and an epic love story unfolds before the readers eyes. She throws herself headlong into an affair with him, making sure her husband doesn't find out and even keeping the secret from some of her closest friends for fear they would neither understand nor approve.

What follows is tedious in its predictability.

Not just in Connie's life, but in what happens to her friends. The details may not be exactly how you may have imagined or expected them to be, but in general terms, everything you would expect to happen does happen.

There are no surprises to be had here and there is nothing missing. From the brief plot synopsis I gave above, you could write a list of what you would expect to happen and you would find it on your way through "Playing Away".

In addition to being predictable, it's all very vacuous. There's very little of substance here, with the whole book seeming to be a recounting of the situation as it unfolds and the conversations between friends, in both triumph and crisis for each of them.

Whilst I realise I shouldn't expect too much from a chick-lit novel, this felt dumbed down even by the standards of most, so much so that I could almost feel myself losing IQ points as I read. The characters weren't particularly well drawn and it's quite tough to sympathise with any of them, even when they are struggling with aspects of their lives.

None of them seem particularly likeable and even when there comes a time where you are perhaps encouraged to sympathise with one character, or take sides after disagreements between them; I simply found that I couldn't be bothered.

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By that point, I was just too bored with the whole thing. On the plus side, if you like this kind of thing, it's very simply done and it's going to be a relaxing read, in that there's not going to be much brain involvement.

It's something to run your eyes over without having to put any effort into it. If you're into reading before you go to bed, this is about the perfect thing to be reading, as it's not going to leave you thinking about what you've read while you're trying to shut down and sleep and it's not as if you're going to miss out on much by being too tired to concentrate.

I'd decided before I was more than two chapters in to "Playing Away" that I hated it. I'm not sure quite what prompted me to keep going. Probably one part stubbornness and one part blind optimism that it might improve.

It didn't. Not having read any of Adele Parks' other novels, I'm not sure if this is just a really poor choice from her books or if this really is as good as she gets. Needless to say, she's not an author I shall be reading anything more of, as I'd much rather read something I'd enjoy.

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If you are a fan of Adele Parks already or a fan of chick-lit, or just of reading that doesn't involve and brain work, you might just enjoy this. But be warned, my copy came free and I felt it was still over priced. But if you value your brain in any way, please don't bother.

You'll only hate yourself for it afterwards. It's bad enough to put me off reading chick-lit for good, as I can't bear the thought of stumbling across something like this again.Sharon Stone has twenty years on me. Just concentrate.

I'd decided before I was more than two chapters in to "Playing Away" that I hated it. The book might have been slightly better if the sex scenes had been at all arousing but it failed dismally on this level too.

Sod it. Lisa has no concept of watching the pennies. The second bride-to-be arrives with considerably more commotion. The characters weren't particularly well drawn and it's quite tough to sympathise with any of them, even when they are struggling with aspects of their lives. She grumbles about the lack of spontaneity in her life but Jess and I refuse to.

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