God-Shaped Hole book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When I was twelve, a fortune teller told me that my one true lov. God-Shaped Hole will change you as a reader, writer and human. It is rare books like this one that remind me why I fell in love with the written word. ― Colleen. In the brief prelude to this conventional contemporary love story, a fortune-teller predicts that Beatrice Jordan (then 12) will meet a soul mate whom she'll lose to.

God Shaped Hole Book

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"God-Shaped Hole will change you as a reader, writer and human. It is rare books like this one that remind me why I fell in love with the written. Monica: One book that absolutely changed me was God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo! Underrated book and definitely worth the read. I don't want to say a lot about this book although from the official summary on the book you can get a sense of it. It was a love story that kind of.

We are wrecked! Wrecked we tell you.

There was a little hesitation as we wondered if we would experience the level of emotion we did when we first devoured it over 5 years ago. All the feelings we experienced then, were just as prevalent now.

These two were the epitome of soulmate love. Just as in To Kill A Rockstar, one of our all-time top favourite reads, this author delivers words that impact your life and heart with what appears to be a natural and effortless talent. Her words are poetic, profound, thought provoking, honest and sincere.

Her musings via Trixie left us shaking our heads in awe. We should get second chances on the big stuff. We should come equipped with erasers attached to the tops of our heads.

Like pencils.

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We should be able to flip over and scribble away mistakes, at least once or twice during the duration of our existence, especially in matters of life and death. Bestselling Series.

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Description "God-Shaped Hole will change you as a reader, writer and human. It is rare books like this one that remind me why I fell in love with the written word.

Book Review – God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo

When Beatrice Jordan meets the unpredictable Jacob Grace, the two wild souls become instant allies. Together they discover an escape in each other's creativity and insecurities, while running from secrets they cannot seem to shake -- or a fate that could throw them to the ground.

This 15th Anniversary reissue of Tiffanie DeBartolo's classic love story introduces a new audience of dreamers to a quintessentially real and raw vision of spirit, and inspires everyone to live -- and love -- as vividly as possible. It's very fast and very funny, and at its core it's that rarest of things - a truly convincing love story.

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Bottom Line: You'll dig it" -- People show more. Review quote "Anyone who has ever been young and searching for themselves will relate to Trixie, the charming and witty narrator of God-Shaped Hole.That's a pretty big deal, I think.

Fear of being alone, fear of being hurt, fear of being made a fool of, fear of failure And, except for one hiccup in their time together, neither do they. They both have father problems and on top of that, when Beatrice was young, a fortune teller told her she would meet the love of her life but she would lose him to tragedy.


View Full Version of PW. The romance has rough patches, but it's true love, and, not so gradually, Jacob wears down Beatrice's cynical resistance to trusting him not to leave her the way her father did. I am in awe of what they shared. It moved me. My Playlist while reading this book: I knew starting this book that I should not take this story likely.

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