Cover of SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM PDF ( MB), EPUB (87 MB), and MOBI ( MB) file for download, DRM-free with personalized digital. Some software products marketed by SAP SE and its distributors contain proprietary . (PDF output in the HIRE action). *1 SAP Netweaver System Landscape RDS_HCMSFSF_ERPV6 - SAP ERP HCM Integration to SuccessFactors. SAP Jam is also available via SuccessFactors HCM mobile, as we covered in Chap .. integrates with SAP ERP HCM for this employee and organizational data.

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SAP ERP HCM Enterprise Compensation Management. SAP ERP HCM Talent Development and Succession Planning. SuccessFactors, SuccessFactors is a SAP product suite to provide cloud-based solution to manage various. HR functions such as Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX. • Integration End of ebook preview. If you liked what. SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll. Dr. Daniela Lange, EC .. SAP Payroll. On-premise payroll solution, part of SAP ERP. HCM.

This will enable them to use all the future integration packs that are planned such as thisone that was released on November 6. It seems like a no brainer that customers who are licensing both SAP HCM and SuccessFactors products should not have to pay extra to take advantage of standard integration.

That hasn't stopped SAP or SuccessFactors sales teams from stretching the truth to claim "there are over customers already live with SAP and SuccessFactors integration" but obviously it is not an option I would recommend moving forward.

Option 1: This will allow them to be able to offer their customers a simple and cost effective option to get the more robust bi-directional integration packages that will be released starting in October and continue throughout Option 4: This will enable them to use all the future integration packs that are planned. Option 3: This is the model that SAP customers used prior to the acquisition of SuccessFactors as their ONLY option was to take on the integration responsibility in-house and assume all the complexity.

Success-Factors with SAP ERP HCM - SAP PRESS

Option 5: The bottom line is it is important for SAP HCM customers who are interested in moving forward with SuccessFactors in a hybrid deployment option to spend a lot of time researching what technology option will work best for their organization and have a clear understanding of its overall cost.

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SuccessFactors is an American multinational company headquartered in San Mateo, California, providing cloud-based human capital management HCM solutions. Ajay Kumar. Mayuri Dhodapkar. Chaitanya Reddy.

Amar Singh. Dhanunjaya Naidu. Ravichandra Suresh Himesh. Nathan Brown.

In this book, you'll learn about:

Saraswathi Nimmagadda. John Williams. Srikanth Reddy.

Barid Yulianto. Danny Hahn. Tamas Koban. More From premnaryans. Popular in Technology. Arun Prasath. Rishikesh Baddi. Automate workflows to support auto enrollment using jobs and eligibility rules. Employees can use a self-service to support enrollment, as well as edits during enrollment period including deduction allocation from different accounts.

There is also 7 8 an auto enrollments feature in insurance plans. The open enrollment process in the U. The system calculates premiums and salary deductions including rounding for the benefits chosen. Benefit types required for various countries can be configured using the Global Benefits framework. Configuration of some of the country-specific benefits are provided in the implementation guide. You can maintain school periods, plan internal training events and distribute apprentices to the required departments for onthe-job training.

Apprentice Management serves the needs of the apprentices, the supervisors in the various departments, and the apprentice supervisors, as they all have access to the apprentice schedules. Allows employees to request different types of absences by using their mobile device or desktop.

Ability to define time types for absences such as vacation and sick leave, but also for long-term absences such as maternity leave, which might cause an employee status change. Ability to implement validation rules to carry out specific checks 8 9 while absence requests are being entered by the employee. Custom fields can be configured if additional information should be entered as part of an absence request.

Time Accounts Workflows Reporting Ability to track absences against balances on time accounts.

Migration of HR Data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)

Create new entitlements or regular accruals based on rules for time accounts and make them available to employees. Ability to define period end processing rules to close time accounts and carry over balances. Enables HR Administrators to view employee time account balances to make changes or request absences on behalf of others. Ability to use notifications to inform an employee if someone has entered an absence request on their behalf.

Alerts can be configured to inform managers or HR professionals about an employee leaving or returning from leave. Enables standard reports to gain information on employee absences or time account balances.

Ability to create customer-specific time types, such as working time, administration, or travel time, to differentiate among various attendance types. Ability to define flexible daily or weekly overtime calculation rules.

Allows set up of overtime thresholds for example, 10 hours per day , or sum of planned times per week. Allows the Customer to choose which absence types shall be incorporated into the overtime calculation and which will not.

Customers may define whether public holidays shall be incorporated or not. Allows for set up rules to generate pay types for base hours, paid absences, public holidays, and overtime hours. In addition, ability to define pay types for recorded times on a specific day for example, Sunday, public holiday , within a specific clock time or generate shift premiums. Allows employees to record and allocate times to different cost centers. For all pay types that are generated based on this time recording base pay, overtime pay, and so on , a cost center split is performed.

Allows to define that calculated overtime is not paid out but converted into additional time off. Both of these are calculated by comparing the time an employee actually works with his or her work schedule. Allows to set up validations so that entries made in time sheets are checked in the light of criteria the Customer defines. Approval workflows can be configured for time sheets.

If an approval workflow is set up, approvers can approve or decline the time sheet. Standard reports allow reporting on hours recorded, unapproved times, and generated pay types. The Customer may run them on the fly or on a predefined schedule, and generate them in local languages, if generally available. Customer mays use the online report designer to build customized reports. Ability to publish reports to any number of constituents based on security access rights.

Allows customers to run reports based on data beginning on a specified date. Allows customers to run reports based on data within a specified date range. Allows customers to run various audit reports including, audits of inactive Users, audits of unauthorized User attempts, and security reports of Users' capabilities by function. Includes audit tracking and reporting to support audit standards, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and compliance with other government regulations.

Supports statutory and regulatory compliance through localization by delivering generally available countryspecific functionality. Customers can choose to run a one-time data replication or just run a replication of the delta of employee data and organizational data.

Organizational data includes information about organizational units, jobs, positions, and relationships between these objects.

After Customers have performed the data migration using the tool, they can either target to use the "full Cloud", "core hybrid" or "side by side" integration scenario. These integrations are point-to-point and require no additional middleware. Some effort may be required to tailor the processes of a specific Customer.

See implementation handbooks for detailed scope description: help. Some 11 12 effort may be required to tailor the processes of a specific customer. Encapsulates HR-XML standards and best practice knowledge of integration patterns in each of these categories. Helps expedite implementation.

Prepackaged template integrations have to be maintained by the customer. Ability to define objects, fields, behavior, and the look and feel of the application through a webbased user interface, without coding. Enables to create business rules to implement custom logic. The Extension Center allows customers to create and manage extensions to the system.

An extension is a custom application, which is configured to process employee-centric business needs. For example, an Admin can create applications to manage different HR programs, such as company car requests, employee wellness programs, tuition reimbursement request, pension plan programs, and so on.

Customers can configure business rules that cover legal regulations, company policies, or other requirements. These rules are then executed by the system based on the criteria given in the rule configuration. Android does not support the editing of the v12 Profile. Manager Self Service MSS Tools to empower managers to make changes to their employees job information, initiate work flows, and reward their teams with bonuses.

Requires People Profile v3 PP3. Supports iphone and Android. Allows to request time off for vacation and other time off. Ability to view current and past pay slips. Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.With support for individual, role, and position succession models, Succession Planning will help to: Know your Talent — Collect valuable information about your employees that provides insight about their backgrounds, experience, expertise, performance, and career aspirations.

Recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in contingent workforce management and services procurement, Fieldglass delivers an innovative, cloud-based solution you can use to better procure and manage the flexible workforce and statement-of-work SOW —based services. Our website uses cookies to facilitate a consistent shopping experience and to generate statistical reports.

SAP SuccessFactors

Details of the requisition can then be viewed in position side panel in V12 Position Org Chart. Align budgets and financial data to strategic goals and performance metrics in order to leverage real-time reporting and drive forecasting and analytics. You can also create positions and position requisitions there. Some 11 12 effort may be required to tailor the processes of a specific customer.

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